Agriculture (Flora & Fauna)


Trees commonly found in the district are Shisham, (Dalbergia sissoo), Keekar (Acacia Arabica), Shareen (Albizzia lebbck), Bari (Ziziphus Jujuba), Guava, Citrus etc. in the recent past some farmers have started growing mini forest of Popular, eucalyptus, Symbal etc.  There are some marshy areas along the river Ravi where water stagnates.  These areas are popularly known as Baila.  These are also covered with tall grasses, reeds and spices.


Animals like jackal, wild rabbit, foxes, wild cats, wild boar are commonly found in the entire district.  Wild boars damage and destroy various agricultural crops such as rice, potatoes and other vegetables in the riverine areas.
Water fowl (bird) are found in the water holes in low level areas in the winter season.  Fishing is very common on the bank of river Ravi.  There are many water reservoirs which are being used as fish farms.  Fish of different kinds as Mohri, Raho, Thaila etc. are being bred in the fish farms.  The birds such as dove, quail, pigeon, crow, parrot, nightingale etc. are found in the wild.  In winter season various species of ducks and migratory birds can be found on the bank of river Ravi and water reservoirs in the villages.